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Terramirra Park red deer

The Terramirra Park red deer herd (Cervus elephus) is based on Warnham and Woburn genetics with most deer being able to trace their lineage back to our foundation stag Green 123. This magnificent animal was an imported stag of Warnham heritage who was a 'Ramses' son from the Stamfield Park stud of Clive Jermy in New Zealand. As Mr Jermy explained in 2015 in an interview -
"Those two parks (Warnham and Woburn) have done more for genetic advancement than any other and no-one would argue with that. They are not the only good deer from Britain and Europe, but in terms of influence they are unrivaled."

Much of our foundation stock was imported from New Zealand. Green 123 was a stag whose growth rate, antler size and conformation proved to be highly heritable. His descendants form the basis of our red deer herd, and his size and antler characteristics gives our herd superior performance.


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